Local Centre rejuvenation Project planned for Mission Bay

An application to substantially upgrade one of Auckland’s best-loved urban beach neighbourhoods with a rejuvenated and contemporary new local centre is set to be lodged with Auckland Council on Wednesday 15 August.

A proposed $200 million transformation will see much of Mission Bay’s aging commercial area replaced with a premium development that includes up to 100 quality apartments and townhouses, 265 basement and ground level car parks, a state of the art cinema facility and a mix of hospitality, modern retail and recreational space.

The Project is led by Urban Legacy & Partners Limited (Urban Partners) whose plans and investment in the site goes back almost three decades.

Project Director Doug Osborne says the Project will bring much needed improvement to the commercial area and create a lasting lifestyle legacy for the community.

“Mission Bay is not only a favourite spot for Aucklanders but also a tourist destination for local and international visitors.

“We have put the community interests at the forefront of this transformational Project and designed an upmarket plan that celebrates Mission Bay with a vibrant new local centre. 

“Our priority has been to make Mission Bay a better place for the community and the design presents an exciting new chapter for Mission Bay and Auckland.

“We have put thought and care into a design that references elements of the art deco flavour of Mission Bay while providing a vibrant mix of hospitality, modern retail and recreational space for locals and visitors alike.”

The Mission Bay Project is one of the first examples of a significant mixed-use project since Auckland’s new Unitary Plan came into effect two years ago.

The site’s Local Centre zoning allows for more intensive mixed-use development than has previously occurred in Auckland’s smaller centres.

“The Project has been designed to ensure that its scale and intensity is suitable for the iconic location and creates a gateway to the Mission Bay local centre.

We have considered the needs of the surrounding neighbourhood with generous integration of the Project into open public spaces and a strong connection to the beach front promenade,” says Osborne.

The Project includes seven buildings with a range of heights, materials and colours and provides sight-lines across the site and pedestrian lane-ways through the site.

The townhouse residences proposed on Marau Crescent defer to the residential zoning on the southern side of Marau Crescent with a lower height and sensitive integration with the surrounding neighbourhood.

The height of the buildings has been redistributed to maintain three levels on Marau Crescent and gradually increase along Patteson Avenue and Tamaki Drive culminating with a landmark eight level building on the corner of Tamaki Drive and Patteson Avenue.  The landmark building will provide a gateway to the heart of Mission Bay.

The Project design features strong public integration, with some 150 metres of public interface along Tamaki Drive and Patteson Avenue around the north and west-facing ground floor levels.

Osborne says the Project will stimulate local business by increasing the value of investment in the commercial centre as envisaged under the Unitary Plan.

Chairman of the Orakei Local Board Kit Parkinson says he welcomes the planned investment into the area.

“Urban Partners have been respectful of the iconic status of the surrounding location and the Project complements the most prized reserve in all of the Hauraki Gulf.

“Urban Partners acquired the land in Mission Bay over 30 years and in planning this regeneration Project has considered the community needs as well as realising the potential of the prime coastal space with new residential expansion.

“I am especially pleased that the new local centre will include an improved cinema attraction of up to five state of the art theatres over two levels. The locals love going to the cinema and the proposal is a significant upgrade to the existing cinema premises which do not meet current IEP earthquake ratings.   Cinemas are loss leading spaces and a less considerate plan could have forfeited them in favour of higher returns from residential and commercial space.

“This area is popular with the wider Auckland community and the new improved food hospitality services and modern retail and recreational space will be welcomed by residents and visitors to the area.

“As a local I’m looking forward to the new local centre and a wider variety of restaurants and cafes on our doorstep,” concludes Parkinson.

Urban Partners has requested that the application be publicly notified to enable the community to have its say on the Project.

Facts at a glance

  • The site – 75-79, 81-87 and 89-97 Tamaki Drive. 6-12 and 14 Patteson Avenue and 26,28 and 30 Marau Crescent

  • The land is zoned for Business Local Centre under the Unitary Plan

  • The proposal features a mix of commercial (retail and food and beverage), entertainment (cinema) and residential

  • The proposal includes up to 100 apartments

  • Up to 265 Basement and ground level car parks

  • A gross floor area of 35,095 m2

  • Food & beverage commercial account for approximately 2,920m2

  • Significant upgrade of the existing commercial area with a new cinema complex that accounts for 955m2

  • The design references elements of the art deco flavour of Mission Bay

  • The architects are The Buchan Group

  • Urban Partners is in the process of consulting with tenants

  • The Project has been arrived at from more than 18 months of spatial testing of the site’s opportunities and constraints, including three sessions with the Council’s independent and non-statutory Urban Design Panel

  • The transformation of the site will enhance the function and the role of Mission Bay

  • Urban Partners has requested that the application be publicly notified to enable the community to have its say on the Project