Queensgate Shopping Centre

One of our earliest projects, Queensgate established the foundation for Urban Partners' prominence in retail development. Now owned and operated by Westfield, Queensgate began as a joint development with Foodtown Supermarket in 1985. Urban Partners' expertise was instrumental in moving the development forward within tight timeframes, enabling Foodtown to open it’s flagship supermarket in Lower Hutt and driving expansion of the centre over the following 15 years.

As a co-development, Foodtown constructed their own supermarket while Urban Partners developed the specialty shopping and car parking. Careful design and construction planning were needed to ensure successful integration of the two projects. Urban Partners played a pivotal role, not only in unlocking the development that Foodtown and others had been unable to achieve, but by continuing to drive expansion of the centre.

As one of NZ’s top performing shopping centres, Queensgate's success can be attributed to the meticulous implementation of a long term vision. This delivered a major regional enclosed shopping centre which came through the 1987 share market crash unscathed and ultimately led to its successful acquisition by Westfield in 1999.