Spark Data Centre

Construction of the new Spark data centre was completed in 2014, marking the end of one of our most exciting projects to date, but just the beginning of an exciting new direction for Urban Partners.

Located in Takinini, the data centre is the most advanced in New Zealand and consists of a 2,800 square metre facility on a 2.4 hectare piece of land - with provision for future expansion. A revolutionary safeguard design with advanced fire detection, power and cooling for unprecedented resilience, operability and security helped the facility achieve Tier 3 status - the highest standard achievable in New Zealand.

Urban Partners initially led an investigation into potential sites for construction and worked in collaboration with Beca, AECOM and Hawkins to establish the fundamental design features based on Spark's business requirements, achieve a concept design and project cost predictions and ultimately construction of the facility.

Considerable flexibility was required when working through various options and ultimately derived a solution, highlighting the importance of Urban Partners' abilities in funding, development and risk management to provide Spark with a very efficient cost structure and a turn key solution  for a completed facility.

The outcome is a state of the art facility with everything needed for corporates, infrastructure providers and government agencies that will allow Spark to take the lead in the ever complex digital revolution.

To find out more about the Spark data centre project, read the case study.